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Inclusive Travel at Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences

Inclusive Travel at Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences

Our aim is to work towards better accessibility and reduce barriers when travelling to the Maldives. It is our belief that we can instigate positive change within the Maldives that will flow on to airlines, local airports, and (we hope, one day) into legislation too. We are working closely with UK-based accessible travel experts, Inclucare, and adhere to their Charter of Best Practice. As the world’s first Inclucarecertified resort, we are committed to retaining this level of excellence and to improving accessibility each year with support, training and auditing from their hotel and resort arm, Inclutel.

You can either indicate on your guest preference form or contact, if you wish to receive an inclusive pre-arrival questionnaire or a phone call so that we can serve you better. This will allow us to understand what level of support and areas of support are required.

Velana International Airport

Velana International Airport

Velana International Airport has several facilities for physically disabled and vision-impaired travellers. However, there is no air bridge, so passengers disembark the planes via boarding stairs then take a short walk across open tarmac.

Those with physical disabilities may request from their airline the use of the wheelchair lift to exit the plane. The rest of the international airport is on one level (ground floor).

Visually impaired passengers may wish to request a member of staff to assist them with disembarking the plane via the boarding stairs and escorting them across the tarmac to the Immigration building.

At the airport

At the airport

After exiting Immigration, an Amilla airport representative will be waiting to meet you with a sign bearing your name. If you are visually impaired and need assistance in locating this representative, please inform us and we will coordinate with airport staff to ensure you are assisted with locating the greeter.

  • Those who are hearing-impaired may be interested to know that flight arrivals and departures are streamed live on screens at the airports. There is also an airport information desk (although it does not have a hearing aid loop).
  • There are accessible toilets at the international airport, domestic airport, CIP (VIP Lounge) and seaplane terminal.
  • Accessible vehicles are available to book and may be required between the international airport and the seaplane terminal. This requires advance booking at mapdmv /+960 7709181/+960 7959181/
  • A domestic transfer between Velana International Airport and Dharavandhoo airport in Baa Atoll is a 15-minute flight, followed by a 10-minute speedboat ride.
  • Dharavandhoo Domestic airport does not have wheelchair lift. Flights are accessed via stairs. If you require assistance with boarding we will advise the airline at the time of booking.
  • Seaplane flights are just 35 minutes, sometimes flying directly to the resort but often passengers are dropped off on a small floating platform adjacent to the island, which creates inherent challenges and could be uncomfortable due to the motion of the sea. A beach landing in front of Amilla’s Emperor Beach Club is preferred as the mid-ocean pontoon can be unsettling for some, but we have no control over the private seaplane operator’s choice of landing location, which depends upon the weather and sea conditions.
  • Seaplanes are small and restricted in terms of space, with just three small seats in each row, no space to stand up straight and a very narrow aisle which is not wide enough for wheelchairs and buggies to be wheeled down.
  • However, an Evacuation Chair is available for our guests to embark and disembark from seaplanes or domestic flights. We are also working on getting approval for a pontoon with gantry linked directly to the resort jetty. If you require any additional transportation assistance, just let us know

Transfers and Accessibility on the Island

Transfers and Accessibility on the Island

After your domestic or seaplane flight from the international airport, it’s just a short 2-10 minute speedboat ride to Amilla Maldives.

  • The resort team assists all guests with getting on and off the speedboat. This involves stepping up and onto the side of the boat. If necessary, our team members manually lift guests and use of the Evacuation Chair or sling would be required.All the paths at Amilla Maldives are made from sand but we do not have any hills or inclines to navigate.
  • We have beach wheelchairs which are perfect for moving around our sandy island. Some differently-abled guests may bring their own mobility scooters or wheelchair attachments that can work well in most areas.
  • There is a certain amount of ambient lighting, but we also provide torches in all our accommodation to help illuminate the paths.
  • You can ask your Katheeb for a pick-up and drop-off in a buggy when you’re out and about.
  • All of our restaurants and other amenities, including the spa, are ground-floor only. In some cases there may be a couple of steps at the entrance to the indoor areas, but all our dining venues also have al fresco dining areas with no steps.



Tables on ground floor and ramp on the side, plus outdoor seating.


Tables on ground floor and ramp at entrance, plus outdoor seating.


Tables on ground floor and ramp at entrance, plus outdoor seating.


Tables on ground floor and ramp at entrance, plus outdoor seating

Baa Bar

Tables on ground floor and ramp on the side, plus outdoor seating.

Feeling Koi

Easy ground floor access.

Sunset Bar

Stairway access – not accessible with a wheelchair.

Feeling Koi Bathrooms

Ramp at entrance. Female accessible toilets are available here. The male accessible toilets will be completed by the end of this year.

Emperor Beach Club

Tables on ground floor and ramp at entrance, plus outdoor seating.

EBC Bathrooms

Easy access.

Villas and Residences

Villas and Residences

As yet, we do not have rooms created specifically for guests with disabilities, however many of our
Villas and Residences have accessible features.

  • With sufficient notice, we can organise a bed lift and lift for pool access.
  • All Villas, except the Tree Top Villas, are on ground floor level, for easy access. We can add
    ramps where required as well.
  • The showers (indoor and outdoor) are walk-in; however the bathtubs and private pools are not.
  • Shower seats are available.
  • The Residences are two-story, with stairs accessing the upper level. There are ground floors
    bedrooms in each residence however.
  • All our Villas and Residences are extremely spacious, making it easy to move around with a
  • The phones in our villas flash at the same time as ringing, for the hearing impaired.
  • Fire alarms are equipped with flashing lights
  • The smart TVs inside all our Villas and Residences have subtitles and other accessible functions.

Help Desk

All guest requests are handled via your Katheeb. The help desk area has limited accessibility.

Main Pool

  • - There is a ramp to access the pool deck.
  • - Additional access points are via steps from to the pool deck.
  • - A floating wheelchair available for use.

A mobile pool hoist will be available from November 2022


We are happy to provide a beach wheelchair and swimming wheelchair for your enjoyment of our fabulous beach and azure waters.


  • - There is a ramp to access the spa reception.
  • - Dedicated Spa Pod with ramp at entrance.
  • - Wellness area – has limited access.
  • - Gym – there is a ramp at the entrance to both the cardio and strength studios. Our Outdoor sustainable jungle gym is accessible over sand. 

There is ramp access available to the movement pavilion

Excursions and Activities

Excursions and Activities

  • We are happy to assist you getting on and off boats, and you’re welcome to try our range of excursions which include sunset cruises and fishing. Please note, however, that the toilet on the boat is not accessible. There is a ramp on the main marina near our delivery dock, making access to dhonis (wooden boats) more practical.
  • Wheelchair users would require manual lifting with a sling to board and disembark from excursion boats.
  • Our team of professional scuba divers at Dive Butler have experience of working with divers with a number of disabilities. The dive centre has easy access. We can arrange a chat with the instructors if you have any questions.
  • Snorkelling excursions are available with a dedicated guide. We provide floating gear and recommend exploring the marine life on our house reef.
  • Snorkelling or Diving with a Seabob may be option for some guests.

We can offer a variety of different land based activities depending on the guest preferences

We can offer a variety of different land based activities depending on the guest preferences

Kid’s Club

Kid’s Club

  • Ramp at the entrance to the building and a range of activities for all abilities.
  • Recreation Area and Art Studio – Easy access.
  • Retail Shop & Jewellery Shop - Ramp at the entrance.
  • Shutter Fish Studio is accessed via stairs however the majority of photography is completed around the resort



Inclusive travel FAQs


What percentage of your team have received training from Inclucare on how to assist differently-abled guests?
The majority of our front of house team was trained in August 2022.

What standards are you working towards?
We are working closely with Inclucare in the UK and strive to be transparent on what we can offer, how we have reduced some barriers and are working towards better understanding your individual needs.

How often are you audited?
Our first audit was in August 2022. Audits will be completed annually.

Who is setting your standards?
Incl-Tel in the United Kingdom, the inclusive hospitality branch of Inclucare.

When will Amilla be completely compliant?
We are on a journey and are actively working with airlines, local government and airports to greatly improve the experience. We aim to improve the end to end experience, before you arrive and after you depart from Amilla.

Mobility impairment FAQs


Is there a lift and support at the international airport?
Yes there is and it can be organised through Maldivian Airport Company Ltd (MACL).

How will I be transported from the international airport to the seaplane terminal?
Wheelchair-accessible vans are available via MAPD organisation, based in Male with prior notice.

Is it possible to use a seaplane?
Depending upon your needs, an evacuation chair can be used. However, the seaplane door and aisle are very narrow. Unfortunately we cannot request the landing location of the seaplanes as it depends upon the weather and sea conditions, so although a beach landing is preferred, it may land on a small floating platform. We are hoping to receive permission from the authorities to install a seaplane landing platform attached to our jetty.

When I land at the resort, what will the process be?
Getting on and off boats are tide and weather-dependant. Some manual lifting will be required if you have a physical disability.

Are you a completely accessible resort?
We are not barrier-free yet, however, have made large improvements, including training and educating our team, as well as our attitude towards inclusion. We are committed to continuing to remove barriers.

How do I get around the resort?
This depends upon your individual requirements. Some of our guests have used their own mobility scooters or added drive wheels to their wheelchairs. There are some parts of the paths where the sand is too soft for wheels. We will highlight these areas to you when you arrive. We can also arrange a golf buggy to take you around the island.

Are your villas equipped for guests with disabilities?
All our properties except the Treetop Villas and our Residences are on the ground floor with step-free access, walk-in showers, phones for the hearing-impaired and other amenities. Please ask us for more details. We can also provide a bed lift and lift for swimming pools upon request. (available November 2022)

What equipment do you have on site to support my needs?
Evacuation wheelchairs, beach wheelchair, swimming wheelchair, shower chairs, accessible toilets in public areas, adaptations for the hearing-impaired. We are in the process of ordering a bed lift and pool lift.

Do you have accessible public toilets?
Yes, adjacent to all our restaurants and bars, except for at Feeling Koi/the second storey Sunset Bar, where we are installing an accessible men’s bathroom.

Do you have an accessibility fact sheet?
Yes, it’s on our website.

Is it possible to use my electric wheelchair throughout the resort?
Yes, as long as it has an adaptation for sandy flat terrain. Guests should bring their own chair and we can arrange delivery via our domestic flight operator, Manta Airways.

Are all the restaurants accessible?
If not, which ones will I require manual lifting to access? All of our restaurants are accessible. However, The Sunset Bar is only accessed via multiple stairs. Our breakfast buffet height is standard and we can support you in selecting your food from the buffet.

Which activities can I safely participate in?
This depends upon your individual needs and we can discuss this with you.

Do you have accessible transport on the island?
We have buggies, which may meet your needs, and we are looking to order fully accessible vehicles in the future.

Do you have a beach and or swimming wheelchairs?
Yes, they are complimentary.

Visual impairment FAQs


Do you have braille menus?
We suggest using a programme that will read menus for you. Or if you prefer, our team can read your menus to you.

What experiences can I participate in?
There are many experiences that you can participate in. Our Inclucare-trained team will assist us in designing experiences for you.

Hidden disabilities and the Sunflower Initiative FAQs


We understand that a hidden disability is not immediately apparent. If you would like support or advice from Amilla, our Inclu-Manager is your main point of contact. Or please contact us in advance with your questions via

Our team is part of the Sunflower Initiative. If we see a sunflower, we will ask if we can be of assistance.

Do you or your family require a storyboard to assist with a smoother travel experience?
This is something we can assist with and discuss prior to your arrival.

Do you have a need for a quiet space?
Amilla is a large island with very few villas and plenty of space between each building. With only 25% of the island developed, we have many quiet and calm spaces in the jungle and on our ‘secret’ beaches.

If you would like to know more or have further suggestions, please email